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Big Hat Upstream 23 by BrownEyes-n-BlueEyes

Your choice of backgrounds is great. The model is attractive and nicely posed. I like the big hat, also. The one thing this photograph ...


I just uploaded a photo of fireworks. What is happening to me? It's 11:38pm on a Tuesday night. Why am I still up?

I'm probably delusional, but I see things in the world that seem even more fucked up than me. However, it appears that some of the things I think are crazy have a fair amount of popular support. Do you see the conflict in toting a Bible in one hand and a firearm in the other? Really? Do you think Jesus would have armed himself? Well, you would know better than me. I don't claim to be an expert.

What about "rolling coal"? That is, people modifying their diesel trucks to get worse fuel economy and blow lots of black sooty smoke out the pipes. They do it out of spite, but they too must breath the air they're polluting pointlessly. I know I'm an extremist when it comes to environmental protection, but can't we all agree that polluting for the sake of polluting is kind of self defeating and, dare I say, stupid?

I discovered, a couple of days ago, why atheists are so unpopular. I was mocked and insulted by a few of them the other day on Twitter because I see a chiropractor to maintain my spinal alignment. Oh, I get it. I know chiropractic therapy hasn't been scientifically proven to be effective; except where it overlaps with physical therapy in the practice of spinal and joint manipulation. That just happens to be the reason I go to my chiropractor; for spinal manipulation, and it helps me a lot. I suppose I could be imagining it all, but it's still worth it, if the pain goes away.

How does anyone know if their doctor is really helping them? Don't you judge your particular therapy by the results? Would you believe them if they told you, "you are cured", but you didn't feel any better? By the same token, if your symptoms are gone, doesn't that mean it worked? Sure there is the placebo effect, but there are also objective ways to measure success. You can hardly call me a moron for basing my judgement on results ... or can you? You can if you're a self proclaimed "critical thinker" and you think you know everything.

If you ever want to know just how difficult it is for scientists to study the human body, search the internet for anything related to diet. Dietary advice seems to change every year or two. There are some things that are difficult to study. There is no one who's body is identical to mine, and nobody's condition is exactly the same. Hell, no two doctors are the same. How do you measure the placebo effect when you're physically adjusting someone? You can't really fake an adjustment without having some effect. If you treat two people with similar problems, how can you be sure they will both respond the same way to therapy? What if one of them exercises and one does not? Does their diet or the amount of sleep they get affect their recovery?

Don't get me wrong; I don't buy many of the claims made by zealots of chiropractic treatment. I have found that spinal manipulation (a form of physical therapy practiced by other disciplines, as well) helps me stay flexible and pain free. I also work hard to exercise, stretch and otherwise take care of myself. There are no magic bullets, and I only know what works for me. It also helps that I have an excellent doctor who really cares about his patients. It is actually in defense of my doctor that I'm posting this.
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Doug Toltzman
Artist | Professional | Film & Animation
United States
I mostly take photos for artistic and erotic expression. I shoot commercial video, and I also model for other photographers; mostly in bondage. I created a folder for my adventures as a bondage model. So, my gallery contains my work and photos of me by others. I am a software developer by trade who loves the outdoors; especially the water. I kayak wherever I can, and play in the mud whenever I can.

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